Alhambra, Paris (15 year Zita Swoon)

december 8, 2009 § Een reactie plaatsen

The longing stays inside (SKC solo)
Blues for Sammy (SKC solo)
Pretty girl
Selfish girl (with John Parish)
Jo’s wine  song (with John Parish)
Lonely Place

– break

Hey you,  whatshadoing?
Leave the town
Wake up for the trees
I feel alive in the city
L’opaque paradis
Melinda’s blues
Quand même content (with Miossec)
Le loup dans la Bergerie  (with Miossec)
Je Range
Love, truth, and confidence (with Arno)
You’ve got to move (with Arno)
Hot Hotter Hottest
My bond with you and your  planet: Disco!
Everything is not the same
Temptation inside your heart (with John Parish)

Moving through life as prey


Waar ben ik?

Je bekijkt artikelen getagd met Alhambra Paris voor at the Barbers.